Since 1888 Gilder - Staffer Craftsman's Shop in Krems


62 jähriges Firmenjubiläum
Vergolder & Staffierer Familie Bauer in Krems 1959-2021

30 Jahre Prof. Hubert Bauer | 32 Jahre Markus Bauer

Master gilder & staffer
Markus Bauer

I am a master gilder & staffer and restorer in my craft profession, my Main control field is manufacture of real leaf gold plating, real sheet silver plating as well as impact metal gold plating (brass, aluminium, copper).
Marbles on wood, colour versions on figures and statues, crates and Polishing white versions.
Supplementand and restoration of antique ornamental stucco frames and profile frames. additions of missing ornamental parts, missing fingers on figures, carving parts and Design of new ornamental carving with gilding and cask.
Professional restoration and preservation of all ecclesiastical (altars, organ brochures, pulpits, frames, figures, statues, etc.) and profane (frames, lusters, antiques, small-scale art, etc.) Art objects in cooperation with diocesan cultivation offices, the Federal Monuments Office and state authorities. Professional advice by appointment.
Supplementary and carving works of missing ornamental ornamental ornamental rat, production of new folk altars and reading desks.
Gilding courses with practical introduction to the technique of polishing gilding (burning gold plating) in the Academy Geras


133 Jahre Vergolderhandwerksmeisterbetrieb in Krems

  • August Kuppelmüller from 1888 - 1921
  • Moriz Kuppelmüller from 1921 - 1959

Acquisition of Moriz Kuppelmüller

  • Prof. Hubert Bauer from 1959 - 1989
  • Markus Bauer von 1989 - 2021 (fortlaufend)


Gilding course

Akademie Geras

AKADEMIE GERAS | 19.09.2021 - 23.09.2021

The course offers a first encounter with this fascinating, Millennia-old craftsmanship. The focus is on personal practical work on an object, by which the different work steps, starting from the Applying the chalk base over grinding, engraving, laying on gold leaf until polishing. The theory is used in parallel with practical work Conveys.

Offer & Sale

"Wachauer Nuggets"

The kernels of the Wachau apricot are refined into pieces of jewelry with a 23-carat double gold-leaf ducat coating. Whether as a collar, chokers or earrings, "Wachauer Nuggets" are real eye-catchers.

Golden Easter Eggs | 23-karat gold-plated

Easter Golden Easter Eggs in a Real, Shiny 23 Carat Ducate Double Gold Poliment Gilding


Kitchen back panel impact metal gilding

Surface finishing of the golden kitchen back wall with impact metal. For information I am at your disposal.

Gilding of a ceiling with impact metal

If you also want such a unique surface design, you can contact me at any time.

Restoration of a life-size baroque Christ corpus

before restoration - after restoration

Gilded roof tiles

As an eye-catcher of your home, you can one or more genuine lyened roof tiles as in Innsbruck a Present "golden Roof" In our studio, these special Roof tiles with 23 carat ducat double gold plated.
For information I am at your disposal.




Vergolderausstellung Stift-Vorau


Vergolderausstellung St. Pölten


Florentinerrahmen echt vergoldet


Reliquary framing Prandtauerkirche St. Pölten


Gilding workshop


Master gilder & staffer Markus Bauer


Markus Bauer
Vergolder- & Staffierermeister
3500 Krems/D, Hohensteinstraße 68


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